9 September 2009

some of my works

2 Helixs with 16g LS with Prong set Gem ends

Eyebrow with 16g curved barbell

Conch with 16g LS

31 August 2009

My first Blog !!!

I finally made this blog!!!
Im not good at computer stuff....
so this was really hard for me...
I finished a one year apprenticeship around one month ago under SIX at Exotix Studios.
Now i work there as a part time.
There are some of my works I've done when i was an apprentice.

Daith with 16g CBR and Earlobe with 14g CBR

Rook with 16g Curved Bar and Conch with 16g LS

Earlobe with 14g CBR and Helix with 16g Twister